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Garbage, Recycle & Chemicals
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In 2015, garbage pickup for our subdivision is on Thursday, except for holiday weeks when our collection day is pushed back one day from the normal collection day. Recycle pickup is on every other Thursday, and Bulky items are picked up on Tuesday following the 3rd Monday of the month, except for holiday weeks. City Holidays are shown on the Calendar contained in the 2015 Collection maps link below (Holidays noted in Black)
The 2015 Collection Map for Recycle is shown here.
The 2015 Collection Map for Bulky Items is shown here.
Special Collections for Chemicals and Paint may be schuduled for a Wednesday pickup by calling Environmental Waste Services Customer Service at (972) 769-4150 to schedule a chemical collection at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled household chemical collection day.
Household Chemicals Accepted
The following household chemicals are accepted through the chemical collection program and should not be placed in your refuse or recycling containers:
Household Products
Ammonia-based cleaners  Furniture polish
Cooking Oil    Insect sprays
Drain cleaner  Metal polish with solvent
Fire extinguishers  Oven cleaner
Floor care products  Window cleaners

Products Commonly Found in Your Garage
Aerosol spray paint  Oil filters
Anti-freeze  Paint
Automatic transmission fluid  Paint strippers and thinners
Brake fluid  Power steering fluid
Car batteries and battery acid  Primers
Car way and metal polish with solvent  Propane tanks
Diesel fuel  Turpentine
Gasoline (must be in a container that is designed & manufactured to hold gasoline)
Kerosene  Varnish
Lighter fluid  Wood preservatives
Motor oil 
picture of paint can & spray paint
Note: All used automotive fluids must be in a heavy-duty plastic bottle (such as detergent or orange juice bottles - NO MILK JUGS), secured by a screw-top lid and clearly labeled with the contents.
picture of chemical bottles  Garden Products
Pool Chemicals
Alkaline additives
Pool chlorine
Muriatic acid
Pool cleaners
Shock treatments
Other items not included on this list may be hazardous. Please call Environmental Waste Services Customer Service at (972) 769-4150 to verify if an item is considered a hazardous chemical.
Household Chemicals NOT ACCEPTED
A number of household chemicals NOT ACCEPTED through the City of Plano's Household Chemical Collection program require special handling for disposal. Environmental Waste Services can assist residents with proper disposal of these items. Please call Customer Service at (972) 769-4150 if you have any of the following:
    Chemicals not in original containers - with the exception of automotive fluids
    Chemical containers larger than five gallons
    Expired medication - sealed containers can be bagged and placed in trash cart for disposal
    Medical waste (including syringes) - in a container (that cannot be punctured) and placed in trash cart for disposal
    Nuclear/radioactive waste
    Unidentified chemicals
Flourescent Bulb Recycling:
Compact Flourescent light bulbs(CFLs) may be recycled at Home Depot.
There is no place locally that recycles fluorescent tubes.  You can bag them and throw them away or set them out for bulky waste collection.
Suzanne Willett
Senior Customer Service Representative
4120 W. Plano Pkwy.
Plano, Texas 75093